Condolence Meet of Late Dr. Saroj Krishna Shrestha


The Nepal Olympic Committee organized a condolence meet in the 13th day of demise of the late Dr. Saroj Krishna Shrestha. Dr. Shrestha, who passed away on November 9, 2023, had served as the Chairman of the Medical Commission in NOC.

Dr. Shrestha had been actively involved in Nepali sports for over three decades and was recognized as an anti-doping expert. Additionally, he held the position of a specialist doctor associated with the World Badminton Federation. The program, held at NOC Building commenced with a minute of silence.

Officials from NOC, coaches, players, and journalists attended the event, offering bouquets of flowers to a photo of the late Dr. Shrestha. During the ceremony, President  Jeevan Ram Shrestha, the President of NOC, expressed Dr. Saroj Krishna Shrestha's significant contributions to Nepali sports were an irreparable loss.

The event also featured discussions on Dr. Shrestha's contributions by Medical Commission member  Dr. SP Singh, a colleague of Dr. Shrestha, and representatives from his family Mr. Sharad Krishna Shrestha.

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