With the motto to promote Olympic Moment by preserving the historic sports-related items, Nepal Olympic Museum, established on the occassion of Eighth South Asian Games-1999 inside the premise of Nepal Sports Council, wherein it was staged, is the sole Sports Museum of Nepal. Associated to Nepal Sports Council and Nepal Olympic Committee, the museum has successfully been running as an independent institution since.



1) Conservation of historic items for the development of sports in Nepal.

2) Collecting credentials and creating profiles of Nepalese Sports and sports personalities.

3) Launching of Nepalese Sports Information Centre.

4) Conservation of Traditional Sports and to organize various sports activities to promote such.

5) Publication of Sports Newspaper, Bulletin and Souvenirs.

6) Production and transaction of various sports-related tokens and gift items.

7) Seminar, workshop and Interaction on different Sports Related topics.


Museum's Area of Operational Area:

Following the path of the International Olympic Museum and other International Museums, our Museum is committed toexpand its area of involvement to:

1) Conservation and Collection of Historic sports-related items of Nepal.

2) Establishment of Sports Information Centre.

A) Conducting Studies, Researches, and Verification programs.

B) Preparing Software and Websites concerning different sports.

C) Producing various sports-related publications.

D) Organizing interactive programs & workshops for the development and promotion of sports.


3) Museum Shop.

4) Sports Tour.

5) Various promotional and recreational activities.



You can also help and participate in our cause:

1) By handing over the historic images, shields, trophies, uniforms, newspaper clippings, evidences, equipments, or any other sports related objects of historic importance to the museum.

2) By organizing and participating in charitable programs.

3) By participating in different activities of the museum as a volunteer.

4) By providing us with your valuable advise, suggestions, and criticisms.




Nepal Olympic Museum

c\o National Sports Council, Dasharath Stadium, Tripureswor, Kathmandu

Tel: 4261661, Mobile: 9741044832