Nepal Olympic Committee

The Nepal Olympic Committee is the Continuation of the same NOC formed in 1962 under the patronage of His Late Royal Highness Prince Basundhara Bir Bikram Shah.

However with the promulgation of new constitution of 1997 the election of NOC Nepal was held in the presence of Honorable Govindaraj Joshi, Minister of Education and Sports, Raja Randhir Singh, Secretary General of Olympic Council of Asia and Muhammad Latif But Secretary General of Pakistan Olympic Association. In the election held on 13th March 2007 Mr. Dhruba Bahadur Pradhan and Mr. Jeevan Ram Shrestha were elected president and Secretary General respectively. It was the first time democratic election in the history of Nepal Olympic Committee. the democratic election held the presence of Education and Sports Minister and observers of International Olympic Committee and Olympic Council of Asia.

Cultural Value 
The SAF Games also helped in promoting cultural exchanges between the member countries. Devoid of any cultural, religious racial or political barriers, the member countries gather together under one banner to create a healthy disciplined show of sportsmanship. The hymn of the Federation clearly expresses the message of goodwill, brotherhood, peace and prosperity:
Sports is our life, Unity our strength Our skills shine through perseverance SAF will prosper through peace and stability, Keep your spirit higher through sports forever!
Undoubtedly, sports are a unique way to break down the barriers of hostility and breed the spirit that brings nations closer together. The motto also signifies the same thought: