farewell to athlete Mr. Gopichandra Parki for London Marathon

April 11, 2024

President of the Nepal Olympic Committee (NOC), Mr. Jeevan Ram Shrestha bid farewell to athlete Mr. Gopichandra Parki as he gets ready for the prestigious London Marathon.

The journey to the London Marathon was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Nepal Run UK and the organizers of the Dhara Nepalgung Marathon. Mr. Parki's remarkable victory in the Nepalgunj Marathon, earned him this opportunity to compete in one of the 6 major marathons in the world, London Marathon.

Adding to the support, the K.L Dugad group stepped forward to sponsor Mr. Parki with a contribution of 100,000 Nepali Rupees.
Lening Companay Sponsored the Sport kit for the participant.

President Shrestha took the opportunity to extend his best wishes to Mr. Parki for the upcoming marathon. Additionally, he encouraged more corporate entities to actively engage in sports initiatives, emphasizing their crucial role in nurturing and promoting athletic talent within Nepal.

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