Successful Completion of DNSS Level Two Course under Olympic Solidarity

December 12, 2023

Under Olympic Solidarity, the DNSS Level Two Course was successfully concluded in Kathmandu on November 26th. The Nepal Hockey Association, upon the recommendation of the Nepal Olympic Committee (NOC), facilitated three hockey training programs as part of the Olympic Solidarity initiative under the International Olympic Committee. The training was conducted by Zahid Ali from Pakistan.

Previously, in June, with the support of Olympic Solidarity and technical assistance from the International Hockey Federation, the Nepal Hockey Association had completed the DNSS Level One course involving 33 coaches. In October of the previous year, 38 FIZA-AHF Nepal umpiring courses were organized to address the need for local umpires and reduce dependence on foreign umpires.

During the closing program, NOC President Jeevanram Shrestha acknowledged the 70-year-old Nepal Hockey Association's recent contributions to the development and promotion of hockey. Despite the association's less active past, the NOC recommended the Olympic Solidarity Program, recognizing the positive strides made in recent times.

Anil Sharma, President of the Nepal Hockey Association, expressed satisfaction with the effectiveness of all three programs conducted under Olympic Solidarity. He emphasized the collaborative effort with the skilled manpower generated from these programs to further enhance the development and promotion of Nepali hockey.

Furthermore, the Nepal Hockey Association honored former head coach Ashok Pandey for his significant contributions to the domestic hockey scene. Alongside these developments, the association released its annual calendar on Tuesday, featuring not only the DNSS Level Two coach training but also seven other hockey tournaments.

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