Mr. Arahant Rajkarnikar participate in the MEMOS XXVI programme

September 1, 2023

Secretary General of NOC Mr. Nilendra Raj Shrestha bade farewell to Mr. Arahant Rajkarnikar representing Nepal Equestrian Association who is travelling to Lausanne (Switzerland) to participate in the renowned MEMOS XXVI programme in English. This highly esteemed initiative is scheduled to take place from August 2023 to September 2024, promising a year of intensive education and training.
Mr. Rajkarnikar is taking Project of National Federation Development Plan: From Responsible to Exceptional performance in Governance and Management.
The MEMOS programme boasts a distinctive approach, encompassing four face-to-face educations and training sessions. These sessions are thoughtfully combined with engaging online asynchronous activities to create a comprehensive learning experience. Each of the initial three sessions follows a consistent format, commencing with pre-module work that includes introductory videos and activities.
Secretary General Mr. Shrestha gave his best wishes and said these educational programs will bring skilled manpower to Nepal.
Mr. Arahant’s participation in MEMOS XXVI is a testament to his dedication to professional growth and advancement. The MEMOS programme's unique blend of in-person and online learning, coupled with its emphasis on rigorous research projects, promises to equip Mr. Arahant with a comprehensive skill set and knowledge base that will undoubtedly propel him to new heights in his career.
In the program President of Nepal Equestrian Association Mr. Rabi Rajkarnikar who had also completed the MEMOS course in 2011AD was also present.


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