South Asian Game

South Asian Federation (SAF) Games


On 26 November 1981 the South Asian Federation Games was established in Delhi to promote friendship and goodwill among the people of the seven SAARC Countries. On 17 September 1984, Nepal got the privilege to organize the first South Asian Federation Games in Dasarath Stadium in Kathmandu. Out of Total 373 Athletes 105 were from host country Nepal 98 from India, 53 from Bangladesh, 41 from Sri Lanka, 35 from Bhutan 24 from Maldives, 16 from Pakistan took part in this first South Asian Federations Games.


S.No. Host City Country Year
I Kathmandu Nepal 1984
II Dhaka Bangladesh 1985
III Calcutta India 1987
IV Islamabad Pakistan 1989
V Colombo Srilanka 1991
VI Dhaka Bangladesh 1993
VII Madras India 1995
VIII Kathmandu Nepal 1999
IX Islamabad Pakistan 2004
X Colombo Sri Lanka 2006
XI Dhaka Bangladesh 2010
XII Selong, Guwati  India 2016