National Path for New Coaching Structure course taught by Olympic Solidarity scholarship holder as a coach Ms. Nabita Shrestha

January 06, 2024
Mr. Chaturananda Rajvaidya, VP and ED of NOC inaugurated the two day course “National Path for New Coaching Structure” at the Nepal Olympic Building.
The program, taught by National Table Tennis Player and Olympic Solidarity scholarship holder as a coach, Nabita Shrestha, brought together 37 enthusiastic participants from various sporting disciplines. Over the course of two days, the initiative aimed to equip coaches with essential skills and knowledge to elevate their coaching practices.
The first day of the program focused on a foundational Level 1 course, providing participants with fundamental coaching principles and techniques. Nabita Shrestha, drawing from her extensive experience as a national-level athlete and scholarship recipient, led engaging sessions that covered key aspects of coaching methodology.
The second day of the program shifted gears towards a high-performance level course, as advanced coaching strategies and methodologies. The program not only emphasized technical aspects but also delved into the psychological and strategic dimensions of coaching for high-performance sports.
Mr. Chaturananda Rajvaidya, during the opening ceremony, expressed his excitement about the potential impact of the National Path for Coaching Excellence on the sports landscape in Nepal. He highlighted the importance of investing in coaching development to nurture and produce world-class athletes.
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