Olympic Solidarity ITTF Level Two Course

Olympic Solidarity ITTF Level Two Course

The ITTF Level Two course organized by the All Nepal Table Tennis Association under Olympic Solidarity Program was successfully completed on Sunday. The participants showed high performance in the total ten days program. The program was conducted by Malaysian coach Ms. Christina Chee. She is an expert in training ITTF coaches.

Highly skilled manpower has been prepared for Nepal’s table tennis through this program. Now there are 13 more level two trainers in Nepal where eight of them have also received 'upgrade'. Now a total of 11 upgraded level two trainers have been trained in Nepal and they have qualified for level three training. A level two coach can manage the national team of any country.

The event was held under the Solidarity Program of the Nepal Olympic Committee. At the closing ceremony, Mr. Chaturanandraj Baidya, President of All Nepal Table Tennis Association, said that coaches with highly skilled manpower will contribute to the development of this game in Nepal. Similarly, General Secretary of South Asian Table Tennis Federation Mr. Shankar Gautam said that the percentage of success in this training program was high for the first time.

Similarly, coach Chi requested the participants to be involved in the development of table tennis in Nepal. Similarly, the chief guest of the closing program, Member Secretary of the National Sports Council, Tanklal Ghising, emphasized the need for skilled coaches for the development of Nepali sports, and expressed his belief that the participants in the program would help the development of Nepali table tennis.

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